Chicken Coop Plans – a review

For the purposes of science, curiosity, and the fact that I was in the market for plans to build a chicken coop, I recently purchased several packages of chicken coop plans to see which one is the best in terms of quality and quantity. I wasn’t interested in purchasing one plan – I was looking for bundles. Here are my reviews with my verdict on the best at the end.

Chicken Coop Plans
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#1: Chicken Coop Guides

I was immediately impressed with their website. The plans and guides that come in the package are professionally prepared. You can tell that the plans were designed with accuracy in mind. This package only comes with 10 chicken coop plans – but they are quality plans.

The instructions are super simple and easy to follow. If you have ever assembled IKEA furniture, then you will be able to build a chicken coop using these plans. No special tools are required – you probably have everything in your tool shed already. The guide includes suggestions on which one to build depending on your primary needs – budget, easy cleaning, easy mobility, etc. This package also includes four extras including a guide on how to sell your excess eggs. This package costs $29.

#2: Building a Chicken Coop

This website looks a little like an As Seen on TV commercial, complete with the countdown clock threatening that the price will go up if you don’t buy in the next hour. This package that you receive is more of a guide on how to build a chicken coop, and how to care for chickens. I was looking for chicken coop plans specifically – and while this guide does have them – that is not the focus. This package costs $29.95

#3: Building Chicken Coops Guide

The Building Chicken Coops Guide, by Norman Nelson, is a step-by-step guide available for digital download. It says it can teach just about anyone how to build a roomy chicken coop from scratch that is both cheap and predator proof.  The package includes 22 different plans, all perfectly suited to do-it-yourself-ers with only basic carpentry skills. It contains some supplemental material concerning selection of custom chicken coop materials, where to find cheap coop materials, and a tools guide that gives information before you get started on the tools that you will need. It also contain some bonus guides with information about Raising and Caring for Chickens, Chicken Disease Guide, and a Chicken Breeds Guide. This package costs $37.00

#4: Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans (Chicken Kit):

Chicken Coop Plans
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There are over 100 different chicken coop plans available in this package. Also included are videos detailing the process of building stationary chicken coops and chicken coops on wheels. There are also videos on adding extras to your coop, like perches, ramps, nests, and if you want to get fancy – automatic chicken feeders. In addition to the plans and videos, this package also includes the extra guides on care and feeding of your chickens, breed selection, etc. There is also a resources guide that includes information on local laws and regulations concerning pet chickens in your backyard. The cost for this package with 100+ plans and a video library is $39.97 – but they offer a 21 day trial of the package for $4.97.

My reccomendations on the best chicken coop plans package

Chicken Coop PlansMy favorite package for QUALITY is review number one, Chicken Coop Guides. This package had everything I needed to get started, with instructions that were clear and easy to follow. I really felt like it was so easy and simple. I could tell a lot of thought had gone into creating these chicken coop plans. I especially loved the list that you print and take to the lumber store. It had everything on it to buy the materials and get them cut all in one trip. For $29 – I felt it was a quality value.



Chicken Coop Plans
A sample from Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans (Chicken Kit).

My favorite package for QUANTITY was review number 4, Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans (Chicken Kit). For $39.97 there are a massive amount of plans included. You will surely find something that suits your chicken coop needs in this bundle. The videos and extras are a nice touch, but the instructions were not as clear as my other choice. The website is a little dated, but we are going for quantity here. If you are looking for a package that has a LOT of chicken coop plans, this is the one.

I know you can find something that suits your needs in one of the chicken coop plan packages mentioned on this page. Happy Farming!


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  1. I am going to get some chickens in the spring. I was very happy with the plans I purchased. Thanks for the reviews.

  2. Thank you for your recommendations. I purchased Chicken Coop Guides and I was very pleased! I love chow-chow relish too. Thanks again.

  3. I tried several of the free chicken coop plans that are online and I just got frustrated. I am happy that you reviewed these before I bought anything. thanks.

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